Jaap Scheeren Cut Shaving, The XEROX Edition.

Jaap Scheeren Cut Shaving, The XEROX Edition.

21 x 27 centimeter / 144 pp / colour + bw / selfcover / EN / Design: Hans Gremmen / 978-94-90119-23-2.

‘Fresh anarchy’ is a way to describe the work of Dutch photographer Jaap Scheeren. With his own, slightly absurdistic, style he investigates the coherence between reality and photography. By doing so Scheeren developed a visual world in which he follows its own intuition, logic and rules. Always with a humorous twist. ‘
Jaap Scheeren Cut Shaving, The Xerox Edition’ combines for the first time all of Scheeren’s work. The publication explores ways of reproducing photography, photo books and visual archives, resulting in a a fresh and anarchistic publication that is not just documenting Scheeren’s oeuvre, but also becomes part of it.

Selection 10 best photo books of 2013 by Fotografia Magazine