Fake Flowers in Full Colour

Fake Flowers in Full Colour

I still have a few private copies for sale.

2009 / 24 x 34 centimeter / 40 pp. / printed 16 colours / text by Ilse van Rijn / ISBN 978-94-90119-06-5

Is it possible to create a three dimensional colour seperation? That was the question that triggerd Jaap Scheeren and Hans Gremmen to start this experiment. A bouquet of fake flowers was arranged as starting and striving point. The next step was to create four still lifes of this bouquet: one in Cyan, one in Magenta, one in Yellow and one in Black. These still lifes were photographed and merged into one image. In theory this should have been the same as the startingpint, but in practice it became ‘Fake Flowers In Full Colour’. Ilse van Rijn wrote the text ‘Phoenix’ for this publication.

Best Photobook of 2009 selected by PhotoEye / Finalist Dutch Design Award, Best Graphic Design