TONY PRET X JAAP SCHEEREN Sweater (Prototype test)

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TONY PRET X JAAP SCHEEREN Sweater (Prototype test)

The canvas here is a Stella sweatshirt size L (M is US size)

Collaboration between TONY PRET and photographer Jaap Scheeren.
T-shirt are all hand made behind the DTG printer making collages with Scheeren's work by printing different cut outs, images and text (by Rik van den Bos) on top of each other.
TONY PRET's slogan is "Expensive t-shirt but cheap art."
It is also possible to frame the shirt and not wear it.
All items will be unique art works.

These are prototype test items so the price is lower than in the future since these sometimes have small flaws .

Future Prices will be based on the expenses made and how much time it will cost at an hourly rate same as a painter of 60€ (*1) I am still in doubt if the hourly rate should change or do different price ranges like Jan Hoek does, because it seems fair if you do not want to be elitist nor work in large volumes.

*1. As found here: